Monday, October 26, 2009

This morning I received a gift I do not deserve. I accepted it as graciously as possible, meaning I stuttered, spluttered, stammered and then burst into tears. A co-worker, whose boots I am not fit to lick, gave me a quilt she made specifically for me. It is perfect. Had I shopped for one for ages, I could not have chosen a better one. She meant the gift to thank me for my friendship. I have done a few nice things for her but not nearly as much as she has deserved for being a friend and mentor. We're both teachers, but she is an amazing teacher. She can reach the slowest student with compassion and encouragement and the speediest learner with intellectual stimulation and motivation. She is a caretaker, not only for her own needy family members, but also for everyone around her. No one ever knows how much she grieves or struggles, because she is always, ALWAYS, upbeat, energetic and positive, always working for the greater good of her students, the entire school and by extension, the community and the rest of the world. None of us is an island. I believe six degrees of separation is more like three and Patty Robison has sent ripples of guidance, encouragement, humor, camaraderie, and love all across the world. I am indeed fortunate to be in the first degree, receiving the first wave of the energy she exudes. Thank you Patty. I am honored beyond belief to be cuddled up in this gorgeous quilt.

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