Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lesson from an old blog for an old blogger

I just told my class the story of Brian at the MDA camp (see blog March 18, 2011).

It always makes me cry, but in retelling it, I realized what lesson I learned from that experience that helps me in my teaching.

When that goofy kid from Boise redeemed himself so magnificently by holding Brian all night, I learned that any kid, no matter how difficult he or she is, can, at any moment, bust out with some random act of kindness, some amazingly insightful or profound statement, or even a small glimpse of something wonderful inside. I really try to have every day be a fresh start for kids, even though today I was accused of exactly the opposite.

Oh well, I will not stop trying to be a good teacher to everyone, even though I know it's not really possible.

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